Yay! It is Christmas in July

Yay! it is Christmas in July! This phrase seems to be all the rage right now… Can’t say that it bothers me. Christmas happens to be my favorite holiday. It also happens to be Peyton‘s favorite holiday,

Ever since my kids were little, I have always really decorated the house for Christmas. Although I only have decorated once in July! Depending on where you live in the country, it can really not seem like it’s Christmas outside in the middle of July.

I know most of the country is warm in the United States during the month of July however; there are areas like the south that it certainly doesn’t feel anything like Christmas. Then again, many of those areas don’t feel like Christmas during December .

It is  kind of nice in a way to have a Christmas in July. Take your mind off of the heat… Take your mind off of the stress of kids going back to school… Summer vacation ending… Life getting into a routine again, and just enjoying the spirit of Christmas.

If you are a regular reader of my posts than you know that we add present are on a six month journey of turning Autism into Awesomism. We are traveling to heartland of America, Speaking with different people as we go to all the different cities… Towns… And rural communities.

This is been an amazing experience, and we have only been doing it for six weeks. We are meeting with so many different people, and hearing so many different stories. As well as seeing how different communities adapt to helping autistic adults, even if they are a very small community.

There is something to be said for a community that comes together to really help autistic adults.  One of the communities that I really found to be more understanding of Autism was Minot, North Dakota. I found this to be a place where autistic adults are valued, at least that was our experience.

That is also one of the reasons why I love Christmas so much, because I feel like we kind of bond around a common theme of peace on earth and goodwill towards all. I wish more people would apply the positive energy and goodwill, energy and acceptance and understanding to autistic adults. If more did they would not have a 75 to 85% unemployment rate. Yes, you read that right a 75 to 85% unemployment rate!

Us sharing our story about being on the road, has also brought out some amazing positives from people who are watching us. We’ve had people step up and support us in ways that we could not even believe, One such Debbie Morgan! She has designed and created a couple of beautiful art pieces that are  snowmen. So here we go it all fits with the Christmas in July theme lol!

She is selling the snowmen an the proceeds from the sale of these items, go to support Team Awesomism VirtualAcademy. Here is her website please check out her beautiful pieces!

Another example of an amazing benefit to our road trip is from Eric Bern, 0wner of The Bearded Pickle Company!  He is backpacking for the whole month of July with 150 pound backpack, and raising Autism, Awareness and Autism Acceptance. He is also asking everyone to support Team Awesomism Virtual Academy!!

These two people are truly awesome and we deeply appreciate what they are doing for the virtual Academy. They are showing us the true spirit of Christmas in July. Please check out These awesome small businesses and check out our website, where we have other awesome small businesses listed!

We would love to have you join our teammates program, which helps us keep the Virtual Academy FREE for all autistic adults. It is only 40$ a year, there are many perks and benefits to the $40 annual fee. They are all listed on the website.

As always, thank you for reading my blog and we look forward to hearing from you and remember, let’s keep that spirit of acceptance and goodwill towards Autism all year round, and Turn Autism Into Awesomism.

Also, check out my blog that I wrote about our road trip couple weeks ago!

Here is our latest podcast with Country Music artist Brandon Hodde!

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