Team Awesomism Virtual Academy LLC Road Trip

Team Awesomism Virtual Academy has several very exciting updates on what we are doing!

We are traveling all over the U.S. for Team Awesomism Virtual Academy LLC …. we just started on June 1st! We will be traveling for 6 months. The fun part will be meeting with autistic adults, autism families and those who support the autism community. Our goal is to help turn Autism into Awesomism for as many as we can, as well as raise Awareness of the 75 to 85% unemployment rate of autistic adults.

I wanted to share a couple of Travel Tips, that work for us: 1.Join loyalty programs they reward you for your business, many times will give you perks without even asking. 2. Murphys gas station has a great app that you can use when purchasing gas and get points, but also you get to “rev up” every Monday for more points. We have saved a lot of money on gas, over the last few years with this app.

So far we have been in Hot Springs, Arkansas and it is Beautiful! the lakes, hills and scenery are amazing. I grew up spending my summers on a lake and being there is bringing back memories. I love seeing so many people being outdoors, away from their phones and computers and enjoying nature. If you haven’t been to Hot Springs, you should check it out! There is a lot of historical places that you can visit, as well as lots of family adventures!

We’ve  also been to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! We had a wonderful time there. We did a podcast where we talk about, The VirtualAcademy it will be coming out soon. I will definitely share it on my website, as well is on team Awesomism website! We also met with a company that is doing it right! it is called not your average joe coffee shop. They are an special needs inclusive company! they hire special needs adults and truly help change their lives, all while raising awareness and acceptance.

At present we are currently, as I’m writing this blog, in Bentonville/Rogers, Arkansas. We fell in love with this area. If you’re not familiar with it it is in Northwest Arkansas and it is the home of Sam Walton a.k.a. the founder of Walmart.

While we were driving from The Woodlands, Texas to Hot Springs Arkansas, we stopped at the Jefferson general store, which was full of nostalgia and delicious candies in historical town of Jefferson, Texas. It is so much fun to get off the highways and into small towns. There is so much to see and do.

If you are reading this blog, and you live in any of these areas or the areas we will be going to… Our next four stops will be Nebraska… South Dakota… North Dakota…  Montana… We would love to be on a podcast… Or we’d love to have you on our podcast. We’d love to meet with you… most of all we’d also really love if you know about an Autism owned business along the way, that we can stop it and meet with people.

There are many ways that you can support our mission… One is through our teammates program.

Our Teammates program is just $40 a year. There are many benefits for the $40, this includes exclusive content they’ll get to see on there (videos, photos, etc.), may become a guest of Team Awesomism Podcast, small business/charity/individual will be listed as a sponsor for the academy, and so many more perks!

For those of you who have already joined our TeamMates Club You will be getting an email with a code and directions how to access and enter the teammates club!

Thanks so much for reading this! We look forward to having you join the teammates program! We’re wishing you a safe and enjoyable rest of June! Be sure to follow us on all social media, so you can see all our adventures.

Here is our latest podcast where we talk with an autistic adult, that is a perfect example of Turning Autism Into Awesomism.

Another thing to check out is the YouTube video where we have stickers on the car carrier that we’re using to travel for the Virtual Academy. If you would like to have your sticker added reach out for details! as we travel many will see your small business name and that you support the Autism Community!

Lynne “AwesomismMom”

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