Shut the front door!

Shut the front door! I cannot believe it is already February. It seems like just yesterday, that we were all saying happy new year.

In someways this year seems to be flying by, In other ways it seems to be dragging so slow.

In my January blog I talked about shed, and how I was trying to shed bad habits, negative people, items around my house that I no longer needed etc. etc. how did I do?

I did quite well on certain things… Like I really did clean out my email inbox… Started to clean out some of the followers on my social media that I never interact with… Did start going through my closet… And did shed a few people in my life.

I didn’t do anywhere near as much as I wanted , but on the positive side I did some things that I didn’t expect to do. Peyton and I have been working so hard on the Team Awesomism virtual Academy.. that honestly has taken up a lot of my time. That’s a good thing… We keep pushing back our soft launch, not because we’re not working on it… instead because so many new and actually exciting things keep happening… To delay it.

I’d rather launch it when it’s really ready, and I feel really good about it… Then just throw it out there just because I want to hit a date. That’s something I used to do. So I guess you could say that is a bad habit I shed lately!

I’m trying to be a lot more focused and not as hard on myself. A friend of mine told me the other day, stop letting people who have never lived through your exact experiences… Decide how they would react to your exact experiences. I thought that was really a profound statement. It’s so true people define us by their life, instead of defining us by our life. It’s kind of sad if you think about it.

I’m excited about February it’s the month of “love“…. Peyton and I have been working really hard on a Valentine’s Day week social media promotion that we are going to be doing… We have several really cool things planned, and can’t wait to share them with you. If you’re not following us on social media please make sure you do, because we’re gonna be doing some amazing giveaways . My social media is AwesomismMom on all social media.

Also, if you’re reading this blog, please sign up for my email list… Feel free to share my blog with friends too! I love it when people email me after they’ve read my blog and give me some feedback, it’s kind of fun. My Blogs are supposed to be an interactive  communication, it’s not just one-sided.

So as we go through the month of February let’s try to be more positive… Let’s pat ourselves on the back for the accomplishments we have… Let’s try to love ourselves. Love isn’t just about loving other people, because we can’t really love other people, if we don’t love ourselves . So while love is in the air, let’s make sure that we have plenty of it to go around, including for ourselves. Let’s shut the front door to all the negativity around us, and open the front door to positivity and love!

Here is a blog and podcast about Team Awesomism Virtual Academy…. Also, all proceeds from the sales of items that have been handmade by Peyton.. in the store on my website.. all proceeds are used to keep the Team Awesomism Virtual Academy free for autistic adults!

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