Understanding the Pattern

Understanding the pattern… We use this term quite often, but what does it really mean? We use it when we are making something with fabric. it also is  used it when we are talking about a pattern of behavior. This pattern… Can be used in regards to abuse, dependency… Mental health issues… Etc. etc.

I was in the store on Sunday morning and I saw a lawn chair, a simple lawn chair, hanging up and the pattern of the lawn chair brought back memories of a lawn chair that we had when I was a kid.

The colors were different but the pattern was the same. I started thinking about  that phrase understanding the pattern. What does it really mean?

Does it mean that we have to understand why we pattern something, do we need to understand how things fit together? … It can mean we need to line up with other things, such as if you have stripe wallpaper, do you need to make sure it is perfectly lined up so the pattern fits correctly?

This phrase has also been used in regards to autism… I’ve had people say to me what are his behavior patterns? Such as when they were trying to figure out if certain things would trigger him into having a meltdown…

While we all have certain behavior patterns that we follow… Many of us also learn to go with the flow in so many things, especially nowadays.

Behavior patterns when they are affected by negativity, can really be disruptive. I think a lot of us learned  that with Covid or life patterns of working with education changes,  spending time with family and friends was really disrupted.

This truly had a negative mental health effect on a lot of people. Patterns can be a good thing, such as keeping us on time to go into work each and every day… Getting the kids to school… Finishing up our chores… Making sure that we are prepared for the future, having a pattern of “to do list” so that we make sure that we finish up what is  necessary at work.

At the same time patterns are all very different, and we are all very different, so just because you have a certain pattern of how you get from beginning to end, doesn’t mean that you are wrong in following that pattern… to get to something… it just means you do it differently.

I have seen so many people judging other people because they don’t live the “pattern lifestyle” that others live. This is ridiculous…

People need to live their own lives and leave other people’s lives alone! You form your patterns that are best for your physical, mental, emotional and financial health and let others do the same. Do what is best for you…

Understanding the pattern… As long as you understand your pattern and why you do what you do….stick with it!

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Lynne aka AwesomismMom

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