The Word for January is Shed

The word for January is Shed! I have decided that rather than make year long New Year’s resolutions, I’m going to make each month a different word… Let me explain

The definition of the word shed is: to discard… I plan to use this word in that context, as well as several other contexts!

There are so many things that I need to shed… Bad habits… Negativeness… Negative people… Items that I am just keeping for no reason… Stress…pounds… To do list that I never finished and now sit and look at and feel overwhelmed by… The fear of failure in my autism passion… And so much more.

I’m going to work each and every day, towards making the word shed be successful! As I proceed on this journey, I will write blogs, and do a podcast about what I am getting accomplished. People always tell me to go and do a “to do list” that does not really work for me… it honestly makes my GAD… General anxiety disorder worse. So I need to take what is bothering me and motivate myself to fix that.

An example of this is, I’m tired of not being able to wear a lot of my cute clothes because I put on a lot of weight… I need to drop 25 pounds… So in the month of January… I’m going to force myself to be sure to exercise more, to walk more and to just generally watch what I eat. Same thing with cleaning out my closet… I need to shed a bunch of old clothes, that I know I will never wear again. If I force myself to sit and do it all in one or two days, I will just get super stressed . If I decide to do just sweaters one day… Then the stress isn’t as bad.

I truly am hoping that I am successful at shedding  all of these negative things in my life…. Including the extra weight I have on. All of this shedding isn’t just about getting rid of things… It’s also about accomplishing things! By shedding negative thoughts, stresses that hold me back and self doubt… About not only my blogging and my podcasting… But more importantly about our Team Awesomism Virtual Academy… I can move forward with all of these things in such a positive way, and help so many within the autism community!

My goal since I started blogging was to turn autism into Awesomism. I truly believe that if I shed a lot of this negativity and replace it with positivity and clear out spaces that don’t need to be cluttered, both physically and in my mind, that I will be a much more productive person in 2022.

If you are interested in joining me on this journey… I’d love to hear from you… and if you do the same thing during January, let’s get together in the end of the month, on my podcast where we talk about what we have shed!

Please keep watching for my update blogs, as I will be blogging throughout the month …please join my email list as well!

As always, thank you so much for reading this and feel free to share with anyone and everyone you want.

If you are interested in learning more about our Team Awesomism Virtual Academy… Here is both the podcast and the blog explaining more… Also, if you’re interested in leaving a tip… the money will be used for the virtual Academy for autistic adults so that we can keep it free for autistic adults .

Please also check out the store on my website,as there are so many beautiful handmade items by Peyton… All proceeds go to support Team Awesomism virtual Academy!

Thank you so much have an awesome 2022 and don’t forget shed the negative!

Lynne aka AwesomismMom

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