What is self care to you?

Self-care  is a very common used # and phrase, these days.  I know I use it all the time on my Instagram posts… And my Twitter and other places…

I even have a Flipboard magazine about Self Care… here is a link it to it.

What really is self-care? I think for each and everyone of us, it’s something different. I can tell you honestly for me, it’s different depending on what is going on in my life…

There are days that me just vegging out from the world, watching a lot of classic TV… Such as my favorite show Hazel… and watching other shows like Andy Griffith, bewitched, Dick Van Dyke etc… can be a self-care day for me…

Then there are other times that self-care honestly can mean, me getting a whole lot done for my business… Because there are many nights that I don’t sleep, I spend it worrying about how I’m going to help autism families… Autism businesses etc. etc.

Having the phrase Turning “Autism into Awesomism” isn’t just a phrase to me, it is something that I’m truly working to try to do.

So when I feel like I’m not doing enough, and I’m not really getting out there and being a full-time activist… Instead I’m just being on Social media, or talking to a few people… I don’t feel like I’m doing enough.

If I’m having a really super busy, productive business day …. it can also be self-care for me, because it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished things…. that I wanted to accomplish, and I can sleep better at night.

I sometimes feel like so many people on social media judge other people about how they use their words or what they are Saying …. I’ve seen people tell other people that they don’t agree with their definition of self-care.

I think this is ridiculous, I think self-care is exactly that SELF… Care. It’s about yourself.

This extends to a lot of my feelings also, in what I do. Maybe my business model isn’t your business model, or you don’t exactly see it… That does not make it wrong… Imagine what a boring world would be, if we all did exactly the same thing or all thought the same way.

I do worry especially with Covid etc. going on, that there are a lot of people that are not taking the time to actually self-care.

I think self-care needs to be discussed a lot more and promoted a lot more. So no matter what your self-care is, whether it’s a hot lavender bath… which at times is perfect for me… Reading a book… Painting… Journaling… cleaning… Yes, some people even consider cleaning to be there self care! because it is something that they enjoy doing.

Let’s encourage each other to find that happy spot, that we feel comfortable in… And let that be our self-care! Encourage those around you, but most of all take some time for yourself… and do yourself a favor mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and take care of yourself by doing self care!

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Lynne aka AwesomismMom

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