Are We Cheating Ourselves?

I absolutely love classic TV… I watch a lot of it. I’ve even written blogs about my favorite show, “Hazel” before. Here’s a blog I wrote a long time ago: The Awesomism of Classic TV

One of my other favorite shows is “My Three Sons”.

The other morning I was watching My three sons, while having my morning coffee… At first it was just kind of on in the background, as I was waking up and getting ready for my day… But then it had a story line that was really deep, not just a feel good show.

The name of the show was  A touch of Larceny… It was from season 5… Episode 8, in case you want to try to find it, and watch the whole show.

Basically the gist of the show was Chip, One of the boys, was wondering if little White Lies that could be seen as theft, are they okay? Do they turn into bigger lies/theft…. do we really show respect for other people,and if it’s acceptable to “steal”.

This episode really got me thinking… We so often take an attitude of oh well it’s just something little… But does that some thing little, turn into something bigger? Are we truly setting a good example for those around us? None of us are perfect, even though you maybe wouldn’t always know that by reading Social media.. ; )

As I was laying in bed watching the show. I started to think… It isn’t just the act of stealing… Meaning if we get extra groceries in a grocery bag that we didn’t pay for… we don’t bring them back… If a cashier forgets to charge us for something on the bottom of our cart… If the restaurant forgets to charge us for a meal that we ate… I’m sure you understand the gist of this… Are we cheating ourselves? are we cheating others, not just financially, but are we cheating  other people Emotionally and Morally?

If you’ve been following along with me since I started my blog, you realize that I am on a real mission not to just raise Autism awareness… but to raise Autism Activism… not just with words and not with just supporting those with autism, but to actually HELP those with autism.

The unemployment rate for autistic adults is way too high… We need to start focusing on the future for autistic adults, such as when parents or grandparents are gone, is there going to be enough places for autistic adults to live, if they cannot live on their own?

What are we doing as a society to help them set up businesses?… Be it the autistic adult, or their family… These are all things that I am working on with my family!

We are really trying to take the lead on this. It’s not about Rah rah and fanfare, it’s about actual actions!

Sometimes I feel very down, because I feel like people are more interested in the Rah rah side of this, not the actual roll up your shirt sleeves and REALLY HELP SOLVE issues… The show got me thinking… if I give Up am I cheating myself, Peyton and others who really Need help?

Cheating ourselves and cheating others doesn’t always mean we are financially cheating someone… It can mean we are cheating them by taking their time… Using up their resources… using up their energy for some thing that isn’t going to happen.

While the point of the show was about actual physical cheating/stealing, it really did have me thinking a lot about what I need to do to add value to autistic adults lives… I am so adamant on helping people and truly helping them….. that sometimes I become so overwhelmed and my anxiety kicks in. I don’t want to cheat them out of help… If I can help!

I truly need to start focusing more on the end goal of helping others, so that I’m not cheating myself or others!

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