Need a Coffee Break? We do too

Hello everyone!!! Happy January! We hope you had a blessed holiday season! Need a Coffee Break? We have special announcements we want to share with you!

We’re super excited to announce a new project called “Coffee Break!” What is our coffee break? We are looking for different people to host virtual coffee breaks! We will be doing these via zoom. The coffee breaks will meet up virtually with your friends and those who are interested in learning more about Team Awesomism TeamMates App. Our App is going to be a new and exciting way where we will help Turn Autism Into Awesomism for so many!

If you are interested in hosting a virtual coffee meet up, please reach out we’d like to do as many of these as we can, so we can help spread the word about how amazing Team Awesomism is! What is required of you? Just ask 5 to 10 friends, it can be as few as two or as many as 20… If they would like to spend 20 to 30 minutes hearing about what we’re doing for autistic adults… And they can ask questions… Give suggestions of what they would like to see us talk about on roundtables and so much more… If you host, you get a special gift from us as well!

Here’s a 2-minute Teammates App promo… this video will give an insight into what all is going to be on the app! Please feel free to share this video with everyone!

Also, please check out our very first roundtable where we discuss with 5 autistic adults (including Peyton) about why Autism Acceptance is important and how we can help fix issues that autistic adults have been dealing with! Here’s our YouTube video!

We look forward to meeting you and your friends for a cup of coffee! Email me at with any questions or to set up a coffee!

This time of the year the Winter Blues are very common, here are a few ideas to help beat the Winter Blues!

My son, Preston, bought me the most amazing little throw electric blanket! It’s great when it’s cold out and I just wanna snuggle up… Watch TV… Read a book or just relax! Another good idea to beat the winter blues is get yourself some yellow pillows… I know that seems kind of silly. They say that the bright colors, especially those that remind you of sunshine, can be warming and uplifting.

I also am a big candle fan… So I love to get candles to burn during the winter that remind me of calmness and happiness. One such candle that I love to have is one that smells like cinnamon rolls baking! It’s just cozy and comforting, and quite frankly warming!

Another idea that can help beat the blues… Is playing a board game… It’s fun… It relaxes you, and it kind of brings out the inner competition in you. Which can take your mood to a different space!

Finally, what is better than a really good cup of tea or coffee?  I love a nice hot cup of cinnamon tea.. it is relaxing, as well as good for you and smells so yummy! You can also add cinnamon to any tea! Did you know I have a book filled with ideas about how to give yourself a break… you can purchase it here

Have leftover candy canes? Drop them in your coffee for an easy and delicious morning pick me up! I add vanilla creamer and I feel like I’m drinking Christmas cookies! ❤️

Here’s a delicious recipe blog I wrote about Dutch Apple Pie on AwesomismMom several years ago: Dutch Apple Pie Recipe. Perfect for  a winter time snack

Also, Please check out this awesome small business we love… please look at their awesome website!

Thanks so much for supporting us! We look forward to working with you!! Hers’s to staying warm and cozy from the cold weather! Hope 2024 is AWESOME

One more thing: before January 31st, if you join TeamMates for $40 or already did, you will automatically  become a teammate as part of the upcoming Teammates app and get 18 months for free! If you join TeamMates for $100 or already did, you will get 18 months of VIP for free, including the live events and so much more! The cost for the app will be $4.99 a month, and VIP will be $9.99 a month. Joining the teammates program before Jan 31st will be a savings of 49.82 for the annual membership and 79.82 for VIP membership!

Lynne “AwesomismMom”

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