Simple Moving Tips for Children With Disabilities

Simple Moving Tips for Children With Disabilities, This is an excellent blog written by one of our favorite guest bloggers..Tanya Lee! so many helpful tips… perfect for special needs families as well as realtors!



Simple Moving Tips for Children With Disabilities


Preparing your child for a move to a new home can be stressful, and if your child is living with a
disability, it can also be a challenge to make the process a smooth one. Major life changes can be
difficult for children with disabilities because routines are often an important aspect of their day.
When schedules are interrupted and new environments are introduced, it can be hard to make
that transition without creating disruption.
The good news is you can prepare your child for the move and turn it into a positive event rather
than a stressful one. You might start by looking for resources and support, both near the new
house and online. AwesomismMom is a great place to find helpful tips that will benefit both you
and your child during this time.
Here are some things to keep in mind when moving your child with a disability:

Do some research on homes

Finding the perfect home for your family can take some time, so before you try to get your child
used to the idea of moving, it’s important to start the search as early as possible. Look up average
home prices in the area you’re interested in, keeping in mind that you may need to make
modifications for your child’s comfort or safety depending on their needs; the average sale price
in Houston is about $310,000. Get familiar with the cost of renovations in the area, as this will
give you some insight into how much funding you’ll need so you can prepare your budget and
start looking for lenders or financial assistance.

Talk up the new place

For many children with disabilities, change can be hard to navigate, but you can make the
process a little easier by allowing your child to get familiar with the new home as early as
possible. Once you’ve found the right place, show her photos, take a virtual tour online, and look
up places in the new neighborhood that you can visit together after the move. The more you can
talk up the new place and build up excitement, the easier it will be for your child to get used to
the idea. You can also create a visual schedule for the move that will help your child understand
each step and see what happens next, which can ease anxiety.

Give your child the comfort they need

No matter how organized and prepared you are, the move will likely have chaotic moments that
might make your child feel stressed, uncomfortable, or panicked. Creating safe places will help
you both get through these difficult moments, so think about what your child’s needs are and
how you can anticipate them in the days leading up to the move. Sensory and comfort items are a
must, but you can also create a quiet spot for them to retreat to when they start to feel
overwhelmed; bonus points if you can turn their bedroom into a calm, relaxing space until the
last minute so your child can get quality rest.

Make safety a priority

If your child has a physical disability, making sure the move is safe will also be a priority. Create
a list of medicines, equipment, and other items your child will need access to during the move,
and make sure they’re always available. If you’ll need to stay at a hotel or rental until the new
home is move-in ready, it’s crucial to ensure that the environment is safe and accessible well

Moving to a new and unfamiliar place can be hard on the entire family, but with a solid plan, you
can make the process as stress-free as possible. Do some research on home prices and allow your
child to be involved in activities like packing up and planning, if possible since this will ease
some of the anxiety that comes with a big life change.

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