Self-care Sunday

Self-care Sunday… We hear this term a lot… But what does it really mean? For me… It means many different things. Self care for me honestly depends on what kind of a week or what kind of month, I’m having.

It can always be different things. For example… A couple weeks ago decades TV network had a Mayberry RFD marathon. I absolutely love that show… So sitting and watching that show was honestly self care for me. It reminded me of when things were simpler… When people really cared about being neighborly. There are other times that depending on what has happened during the week,  I need to completely unplug from everything… The TV, my phone etc. and just go somewhere!

There are other times I need to just relax.. take a long hot bath, listen to music… other times I love to decorate.. Decorating is relaxing for me, it’s something I really love to do. This is why I have a Flipboard magazine about decor…. as well as Pinterest.. follow certain people on Instagram etc… my favorite style is farmhouse. I also actually find adding to my Flipboard magazines calming…

I also find certain scents To be calming and sometimes just putting those scents into my house, through candles, essential oil’s etc. can help me calm down… Lately Peyton and I have really been working on a major project, called Team Awesomism Virtual Academy. This is causing me a lot of stress, because I wanna make sure I do it right and make it happen … So my stress level has been really high…

So lately I’ve had to find that I’ve had to do a combination of multiple things including CBD to calm me down. When I get really stressed my GAD.. General Anxiety Disorder.. really kicks in and then it’s difficult for me to sleep… For me to focus… Which then causes the next day for me to be even more anxious.

I’ve really been trying lately to stick to a routine of a minimum of one day a week having a self care day. The best day I have found for me, is Sunday!

Like I said at the beginning of this blog, we all have to find our own self care… There’s so many different things… Including food… Lately I’ve really been trying not to have that be my go to, as I am trying to lose weight. There are times that having a really good cup of hot chocolate with vanilla cream and cinnamon and whip cream on top, really honestly calms me down.

A roaring fire, to me is magical… I’m just throwing a bunch of different things out there, because I want each of you to think about different things that you can do that will help you with your anxiety, Your stress and whatever else you have going on in your life that you need that break from.

I hope I’ve given you a few new ideas for self care… As always, Thanks so much for reading my blog, and please if you would just take a few minutes to read this very important blog… As well as listen to my podcast… It would mean the world to me. Have an awesome day!

Lynne aka AwesomismMom

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